* Above mentioned price for shipping charges are vaild for shipment upto 5kg. For shipment more than 5kg our customer service team will contact after placement of the order.

Search by keyword

Enter part descriptions / part number / part specifications into our search box. You can then narrow your search by selecting specific manufacturers or by clicking on product categories until you locate the products you are looking for. Additional filters are available in most product categories that allow you to refine your search down to products that meet your specific needs.

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Search by manufacturer

Click on the All Manufacturers link located at the bottom of our website. From the manufacturers page, select the manufacturer you are looking for. This will take you to a page within our website that is specifically dedicated to that manufacturer.

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Search by part number

Enter part numbers into our search box. You can then narrow your search by selecting specific manufacturers or by clicking on product categories until you locate the products you are looking for. Additional filters are available in most product categories that allow you to refine your search down to products that meet your specific needs.

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Search by category

The Product category is located on the left of search box panel. Click on one of the product categories listed. Then you can narrow your search by selecting specific manufacturers, additional product categories and product attributes until you drill down to the products you are looking for.

Search by category

Additional Filters

Search by category

Selecting Products

Step 1. Search your part by entering keyword or manufactuer part number into search box.
Step 2. Enter quantity you want to purchase in the textbox under the column getting highlighted with name "Get prices on your requirement", and then press Enter. This will show you all the options available out of the result of your search to "Add To Cart" and "More Stock Options" button. Also all the options whose MOQ is more than your entered quantity and multiples not adding up to it will not be available to add to cart. You can also add those parts in cart by entering the right MOQ required for those as displayed in the snapshots below.
Step 3. Click on the "Add To Cart" buttons, will place your goods in your shopping basket.

search by manufacturer part number and keywords

selecting product result

selecting product result

selecting product result

More Stock Option

More Stock Option

Basket Indicator

Click the basket indicator on the top right corner of every page. You will be able to view the contents of your basket, with stock and pricing information related to the selected products, delivery charges based on the current value of your basket and the amount you still need to spend to qualify for free delivery on your order.
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The Basket page is the first stage of the checkout process. Here you can review the products you wish to buy, select your delivery address, choose a delivery option, add coupon codes, reference numbers and schedule your order if necessary. In the first part of the Basket page you can add items (by entering the product code and required quantity), remove items or adjust the quantities.

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If you are not currently logged in to the website, you have three options:
1. Sign in to your account
2. Proceed through the checkout without login.
3. Sign Up/Create New Account.

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Alternative Delivery Addresses

If you have alternative delivery addresses associated with your account, you can select one from the list of address displaying just below the shipping address. To add a new address, click the 'Add' button. To edit an existing address, click the 'Edit' button.
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Shipping / Delivery

You have two delivery option consolidate and split, split delivery availble for australian customer only.

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Packaging, handling and delivery charges

A] Free for all orders over NZD220(Ex GST) shipped to Australia.
B] NZD30 for all orders under NZD220(Ex GST) shipped to Australia.
C] For orders shipped outside Australia.

Sub Total
Economy (Transit Time 1 to 2 Week)
Express (Transit Time 2 to 3 Business Day)
NZD0 - NZD109.675
NZD110.7718 - NZD1096.75
NZD1097.8468 - NZD3290.2501
> NZD3290.2501


If you are a Australian customer with a credit account with Xon, you have three payment options – to pay by credit/debit card, PayPal or on account. Click the radio button to select your chosen payment option. Click the 'Place Order' button. If you have chosen to pay on account, your order will be submitted immediately.

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Overseas Payment Screen

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3D Secure Verification

All credit or debit card payments on our site are subject to the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode 3D secure card verification procedure. This is an authentication process which adds to the security of your online transaction. You will be prompted to enter the password registered with your card for this scheme. Your payment will then be authorised by your payment provider. If all card details have been correctly entered and funds are available your order will be placed successfully. XON takes credit card fraud extremely seriously. To protect our customers, we log each IP address relating to online credit card transactions as evidence, should it be required by law enforcement or government bodies.


If you want to do a payment by PayPal, currency should be in

You will be prompted to log in to your PayPal account and will be transferred to the PayPal portal. Once the payment is made you will be redirected back to the XON site.


A message will appear confirming that your order has been placed successfully and displaying your XON web order number (this is also displayed on your confirmation email, which will be sent to you upon submitting your order).

Turbo Quote

If you know the Part code/number of the product that you wish to purchase, you can speed up the product selection process. The Turbo Quote Form is available at the top of the home and other pages. Type the Part code/number and the quantity you require into the fields, and add them to your basket by clicking the 'Import Data' Or 'Process' button.

Turbo Quote Video

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